Strategy and Transformation

At Integration Factors, we’re more than just an award-winning provider of managed IT services in Melbourne – we’re also a consulting company that offers expert advice and cutting-edge IT solutions to customers throughout Australia and overseas.

As experts in all things related to technology, consulting is one of our specialties. With the help of our team of professional consultants, you can transform the day-to-day operations of your company – and use the power of technology to enhance productivity, future-proof your IT systems, and prepare your business for future success.

We offer a wide variety of professional consulting services to help businesses overcome new challenges like Mulesoft and Dell BOOMI consulting services, deployment of new software or hardware, designing and implementing business solutions, and much more. If you have a one-off project and require professional IT support, you can trust Integration Factors Consulting to help you through the process.









We are experts in agile project management methodologies like SCRUM and kanban, and are always standing by to assist you and your IT team as you begin to plan, manage, and implement new projects at your business. For professional guidance that will help you stay on-budget and ensure the timely development of deliverables, Integration Factors Consulting is the best choice.


Along with project management, many clients also choose to use Integration Factors Consulting for project resourcing. Working closely with you and your key stakeholders, we can develop a plan to find the people, capital, and IT equipment necessary to pull off a project of any scope and scale.


IT strategy is about much more than overcoming the challenges that face your business now – but also preparing for unforeseen changes that may come in the future. At Integration Factors Consulting, we offer future-focused IT strategy consulting. Along with the help of your key IT team members and stakeholders, we can develop an IT strategy plan that will set your business on the right course – both today, and for the years to come.


If you’re worried that your IT network is not secure, our team of security consultants can help. With penetration testing, network security assessments, and detailed reports of your current state of security, we can provide you with the information, advice, and security services you need to make sure your network is locked down – and that you’re protected from potentially-costly data breaches.


If your company is stuck in a rut and you’re having issues integrating digital technology into different areas of your business, our team of visionary IT consultants is always here to help.

We specialise in digital transformation, and take a holistic approach to assessing your business technology and operations, identifying weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges in every sphere of your company.

Using this information, we can design a plan that will help your company benefit from cutting-edge business technology – and develop a digital-focused business plan that will prepare your company for the future.


Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is closely tied to related concepts like data backups and disaster recovery (DR). Businesses of all sizes need to invest in BCP to create a plan to deal with major disruptions to their business operations – such as sudden server failure, damage of IT systems due to natural disasters, or a data breach caused by a hacker.

Responding quickly and properly to these threats is essential for preserving your business and resuming day-to-day operations as soon as possible. With the help of our consulting team, you can put together a comprehensive business continuity plan that will ensure that you’re ready to respond to any threat, natural disaster, or other crisis that could threaten your valuable data and IT systems.


As one of the leading consulting firms in Melbourne, you can trust Integration Factors Consulting to give you the advice you need to build a better business with the power of IT.

Contact us online or give us a call at 0415220770 to speak to us , and learn more about why you should choose Integration Factors Consulting for your next project.