Full Stack Developer

Our Developers:

We have a trained team who is ready for there next assignment , capable to communicate directly with multiple stakeholders/contractors/resources of the business. Enthusiast developing applications that customers interact with and management systems uses. You will be amazed at the responsibility and career development potential of our resources. 

We have a pool of incredibly versatile and innovative team members,  who can handle pressure whilst still being creative.

"Take risks now, do something bold. You won't regret it" - Elon Musk.

Our Capabilities: 

  • Years of Mobile Devices focused responsive design experience using VueJS (Vuetify), Bootstrap and custom CSS pre-processors.
  • Experience in Laravel frame work and solid core PHP foundation with knowledge in various laravel ecosystem
  • Proven working knowledge in CI/CD pipelines (Github Actions), JIRA Confluence and Agile SDLC experience
  • General working knowledge in AWS Infrastructure (EC2, RDS etc)

Tasks & responsibilities

  • Capability of developing Secured and well documented APIs
  • Ability to take responsibilities and deliver quality code and product/feature within required timeframe.
  • Enthusiasm to work, learn and grow together as a team

    Send your resume to info@integrationfactors.com